Abingdon Emergency Foodbank

The Abingdon Foodbank has been set up to meet the needs of people who are going through a period of crisis and are struggling to feed themselves and their families. This crisis may come in many forms, for example, redundancy, ill-health, family break-up or just unexpected large bills.

The Foodbank is run by a team of volunteers from Christ Church and other churches in the Abingdon area.  However, anyone in need in the community is welcome to receive food packages, regardless of their faith or creed.

Visit Abingdon Emergency Foodbank for more information. Contact Abingdon CAB for a referral to the foodbank.

Address: Abingdon Emergency Foodbank, Christ Church, Northcourt Road, Abingdon OX14 1PL
Tel: 01235 539172
Email:  foodbank@cca.uk.net

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